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Dream On

Field of Dreams Pillow Patch

Field of Dreams Pillow Patch

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Place this unique Dream On Pillow Patch under the pillow case directly onto the cushion.

The fragrance of essential oils softens over time.
It is recommended to initially position the Pillow Patch

further away from the centre of the cushion according to your comfort. To prolong the use of the Dream On Pillow Patch it should when not in use be resealed in the foil bag supplied. The use of essential oils can, depending on the plant or flower, result in a natural slight tinge of colour on the Pillow Patch.

Three Pillow Patches inside

This will not transfer onto the bedlinen.

All materials used are non-allergenic


W 195mm x H 132mm

Care information

Keep out of reach of direct sunlight. Seal foil bag securely after use.

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Our Aromatherapy Pillow Patches are made up of a uniquely curated blend of essential oils to promote sleep & relaxtion.

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